//AIDA formula will aid your copy writing

AIDA formula will aid your copy writing

AIDA formula will aid your copy writing

Copywriting can be easy and fun. It really can! You do not need an MA in creative writing, journalism or marketing. For starters, it’s good to stick to the old tried and tested AIDA formula; following these 4 basic steps will help you to write appealing content, resulting in increased sales and quality leads. Let’s break down the acronym for a clearer understanding:

A – Attention

I – Interest

D – Desire

A – Action


Grab the reader’s attention. You only have a few seconds to do this. The heading should be intriguing and fun. It can also be a question. Imagine a party scene; a host wanting to make a toast grabs a knife and taps it against a glass to get the guests’ attention. The heading is just like the knife; it should make people turn their heads towards you, intrigued about what will happen next. For example:

‘We hit a million’                                              ‘How effective is your campaign?’

Instead of

‘Our turnover this year is £…’                      ‘Here are the results of your campaign.’


Once you have the reader’s attention you need to act fast. Present your offer or services in an interesting way. Use simple language, as if you were writing a message to a friend. Write about what is important to your clients, not to you. You might have had a whole revamp of your car-servicing garage and could talk for hours on end about how much you invested and the high tech tools you have, but the clients are more interested in your service, whether it’s reliable, quick and affordable. Simply make the reader interested in what you have to offer.


This is the crucial part, as by this point the reader should already be thinking about buying your product or service. In fact, they should desire it. The final stage, the actual purchase, is just a formality. Talk about benefits, emotions; what will your product or service do for your client? How will it improve their life? How will they feel, having your product? Many companies undervalue this aspect of copywriting, talking only about the characteristics of their products, with no mention of the benefits. For example, when you buy a new laptop battery, you do not necessarily need to know its capacity, you just want to know how long it will last, right?


The final, and very important stage: calling for action. At the end of your advert, leaflet or other marketing content, you need to tell people what you want them to do – buy your product, follow you on Twitter, log on to your online shop, call your office etc. The call for action should be very precise, so people know exactly what to do and are not left trying to figure out for themselves whether they need to visit your shop or if can they find you online.

‘Visit www.colossal-print.co.uk for more information’

Using the AIDA formula will help you to create appealing content with which you can build your credibility as a professional business, resulting in higher turnovers and stronger market positioning. Remember, though, your client comes first, and not only when it comes to customer service. First, you need to make the client come to you, so that you can provide them with your excellent service; to do that, you need to write your marketing content with them in mind.

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