//Effective / High ROI

Effective / High ROI

Effective / High ROI

Leaflets are often dismissed as being an out of date, low return, short-reach marketing tool, an inferior or ‘second-best’ alternative to print advertising. Well, if that was your impression, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, leaflets have been proven to get results far quicker than magazine advertising, with an ROI of 0.5-1% providing the opportunity for some businesses to make their investment back with just one order placed in response to a leaflet drop. A conservatory fitting business, for example, only needs to secure one order through a leaflet drop to make back their investment and then some. A local salon might need to pick up a few more customers to start getting a return on their investment, but the people they pick up this way are likely to become long-term clients who come back again and again – in this way, leaflets are the gift that keeps on giving!

Research has proven that, far from being considered ‘spam’, consumers trust, save and remember leaflets, and, if executed correctly, leaflet campaigns secure among the highest response rates of any marketing strategy. Clearly, leaflets offer an attractive return on investment for businesses large and small, and can lead to quick sales as well as long-term clientele, depending on the nature of your business and campaign.

All businesses need to make money, and ultimately your marketing budget comes out of your profits and affects your bottom line – you need to be sure that anything coming out of your profit will be replaced with interest, in other words, that you will get a return on your investment. Therefore, marketing decisions must be made wisely, and you need to be confident that the leaflets you buy and distribute will attract customers, that the money you spend will translate into money in your tills later down the line. Leaflets have been consistently and continually proven to provide this, owing largely to their unique versatility, which makes them suitable for all size and manner of businesses, and their ability to reach customers in their homes without being intrusive. The ability of leaflets to provide value for money across the board demonstrates that they are a savvy business investment, which is why ‘Effective ROI’ is the first reason why we think you should consider what a leaflet drop campaign could do for your bottom line.

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