//Figuring out where and when to target your next leaflet campaign

Figuring out where and when to target your next leaflet campaign

Figuring out where and when to target your next leaflet campaign

Targeted leaflet campaigns can be very successful in securing new business, but only if what and where you deliver has been well thought through.

While getting a good response to your leaflet campaign is one measure of success, it’s certainly not the only one – and in fact delivering a quality customer, a positive return on investment, is at least as important.

For example, if you’re a plumber specialising in fitting very high-end bathrooms but your leaflet distribution campaign brings in lots of enquiries from people wanting small, cheap jobs, then it has in effect failed, as you will have spent money on something that has not improved your business’ profitability.

Scenarios such as this are often a symptom of poor targeting of leaflet distribution, but at Sure2Door we pride ourselves on delivering the right messages to the right people,.

So, if you were that plumber, let’s look at how you could target your next leaflet distribution campaign better to deliver more profit and a better quality of work from the money you have invested into leaflet delivery.

1 – The best way to find people who are right for your business is to look at where your top 40 customers from the last 12 months have come from – geographically and socially. Houses are generally grouped into estates of similar types, so if Mr and Mrs Jones recently had a beautiful new bathroom fitted by you it makes sense that others in the surrounding area may well have similar spending habits and will want to use your service at some point as well.

2 – Plan your advertising around an area you would like to work in to make fuel and efficiency savings. We work with a local oven cleaner who has leaflets targeted to groups of estates adjacent to each other. Prior to this his leaflets were being delivered all over the city and he would clean 3 or 4 ovens per day. A year into this new tactic he can now fit in 5 to 6 ovens a day and saves money on fuel because 90 per cent of his work comes from these leaflets and it means he is not constantly travelling from one side of city to the other throughout the day.

3 – Deliver your leaflets when they are most needed and thus most likely to be acted on. Most businesses have several key times of the year when their services are more in demand. Planning ahead and targeting in advance will allow you to maximise these busy periods. A local tuition company book a delivery for the last week of each of the school holidays and one several months before the GCSE exams and these campaigns get a really good level of take-up because they are offering the right service at the right time.

4 – Use demographics: If 75 per cent of your customers are young families, then find out the catchment area for all local primary schools within your target area. Targeting your leaflet distribution to these areas will generate a better response than delivering to an area filled with predominantly elderly people.

Targeting your leaflet distribution is a relatively straightforward process of thought and planning that can deliver huge dividends, and it’s something we’re expert at. We are always happy to help you plan your campaign and offer this service as standard – so let us make your next campaign your best yet.

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