//Flexible marketing tool?

Flexible marketing tool?

Flexible marketing tool?

One of the great things about leaflet campaigns in the modern era is that new technology means you can target your campaign to specific people, industries and areas, to maximise your exposure in the right places and increase the number of leaflets that translate into sales.

You can choose when and where you want your leaflets to be distributed, something you can’t influence with other, often more expensive, forms of promotion, for instance magazine or newspaper placements. You run to your schedule, not theirs, and can tailor your campaign to drop your leaflets just in time for a special local event, or perhaps a promotion you’re running, maybe there’s particular time of year when your sales could do with a boost, or you want to take advantage of seasonal trends.

You can even have multiple designs with different offers going out at the same time to different areas; there’s no need to wait for one offer to expire, or one design to do the rounds before you get started with the next one – maximise your chance, and maximise your profits, with a two, three, even four-pronged attack! If you know that a particular area is particularly likely to need your services or product, you can target your leaflet drop to focus exclusively on that area, where you know you’re likely to get a high uptake, and avoid an area that is already well-serviced in your particular specialism, where people are unlikely to be on the lookout for a new provider.

You can also make sure that you’re never paying for marketing that you won’t benefit from, for instance if you’re going away on holiday or you’re not trading at certain times of year – you can pause or stop your campaign at any time without paying any extra, or missing out on lost business opportunities. When you’re ready to get going again, all it takes is a quick email and you can re-open the floodgates!

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