//Focus, how to sell a product with less than 30 words?

Focus, how to sell a product with less than 30 words?

Focus, how to sell a product with less than 30 words?

As a consumer, it’s daunting and stressful to be overloaded with information, and this is a trap that so many marketers fall into; you think your product is fantastic, obviously, and could shout from the rooftops for hours about how great it is – the problem is, people will soon stop listening.

The key to a great sales pitch is to get to the point, and get there quickly. Your customers want to know why they should buy your product, and if you take too long about convincing them, they’ll lose interest. Leaflets are fantastic for this, as their limited space and the need for an eye-catching, uncluttered design forces you to communicate your offering in a clear and concise manner, just what the consumer wants to see – your business, in a nutshell.

There’s no need for long, carefully thought out and elaborately crafted copy here – save it for your website, where it will have the greatest impact, and where a professional copy-writer is worth spending money on. Leaflets are a whole different story, and that story should get to the point. The key things to include on a leaflet are: images, a call to action, price and contact details. These elements are critical, but anything more than this is wasted ink and wasted time! Think of it this way, if you had 15 seconds to tell someone why they should buy your product or service and how to go about it, what would you say? This is what should be on your leaflet!

The concise nature of leaflet marketing is the fourth feature in our list of key benefits, and it is always a helpful exercise to think about what you’d put on a leaflet. Go on, have a think, what would you say about your business or product if you had to do it in less than 50 words? Sound good? Maybe you should think about getting some leaflets printed…

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