//Instant results of leaflet distribution

Instant results of leaflet distribution

Instant results of leaflet distribution

Last time we talked about how quickly leaflets can be produced and distributed. Well, a related benefit is thus the speed with which you can start to see noticeable results. Once your leaflets are out the door, your phone could be ringing within minutes. Leaflet marketing puts your offering and your company name directly into the hands of potential consumers – if you’ve got the copy right and your service offering meets their needs, they’ll want to act on it right away!

Leaflets put the customer in control; you’re selling to them in a non-aggressive, non-demanding way, it’s their choice to get in touch with you, and when consumers feel empowered, they’re more likely to act, and act quickly. One of the fantastic things about leaflets is that they remove the need for the customer to do any research or look up your contact information; everything

They need to move forward with you is right there in their hands already, so what’s stopping them?

While it has been proven that consumers do keep hold of leaflets for a while (particularly if they contain a voucher or money-off promotion), which is great as it gives you ongoing customer conversion potential, the majority of consumers will respond to your call to action very quickly, if not right away. This means you will rapidly start to see results, making a return on your investment and allowing you to evaluate the success of your campaign and start planning the next one!

This is direct, targeted marketing at its very best. If you plan your campaign well, and you are putting leaflets into the hands of people who want or need your services, and your offer hits home, they will be in touch, and probably sooner rather than later – it really is as simple as that.

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