//Leaflets – the most convenient message carrier.

Leaflets – the most convenient message carrier.

Leaflets – the most convenient message carrier.

Have you ever tried carrying a magazine or newspaper around in your pocket? Not very easy, is it? Equally, though, you don’t want to be the person ripping out a page of a glossy magazine when you’re sat in the dentist’s waiting room, do you – so, how are you going to remember that great offer or feature you saw? You probably won’t. You and 50 other people who saw it that day (if they didn’t just flick straight past it!), but couldn’t do anything about it at the time, because it just wasn’t convenient.

By contrast, how easy is it to stick a leaflet in your pocket or bag, or to fold up a coupon and put it in your wallet ready for your next trip to the shops? Exactly. This next post in our series of micro-blogs is all about convenience, in other words, how easy you make it for potential customers to take up your offer, and it’s something that leaflets really excel in.

With a full page spread in a print publication that is going to be quickly discarded, recycled, or left on a bus or train, you lose the attention of the prospective client very quickly – even if they remember seeing your ad, they might not remember where they saw it, or how to get in touch, and so they have no way to follow it up. With a leaflet, if the recipient is interested in your service but too busy to look into it properly, they can keep it to read later, and they’ll always have your contact information to hand. Hands up who’s got a corkboard at home full of coupons and great offers, just waiting for the right time? Of all print based marketing methods, leaflets have the greatest chance of being kept for future reference. How often have you put the phone down instantly on a cold-caller, but kept a leaflet on the fridge or by the phone for weeks? Leaflets rule the roost when it comes to reaching people at home in a subtle, non-intrusive way. Don’t undervalue this ongoing presence, you’ll stick in their mind, and next time they need a plumber, a haircut or a taxi, they’ll know exactly where to look first.

Don’t make customers jump through hoops to find you, because they won’t, they’ll ring the guy whose number is already stuck on their fridge – give them a leaflet instead, and plant yourself in the minds (and corkboards) of your potential customers.

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