//Super-fast Production

Super-fast Production

Super-fast Production

Another great thing about leaflets is that, if you know what you want and you prepare a great brief that really gets your ideas across, you can have a leaflet advertising your products or services designed and printed the very next day, ready to fall into the hands of new customers who are just waiting for you to introduce yourself!

If you need a little help with the design, that’s not a problem at all, and needn’t slow you down too much. It might take a day longer to get your leaflets printed and out for distribution, but that’s nothing in comparison to the time and effort that goes into making a radio or TV advert, where the production process alone can take weeks. Even with a full, custom service, from design to print to delivery, you can still get a leaflet marketing campaign underway in a fraction of the time needed to execute many of the other popular marketing tools, which means you’ll start seeing results sooner, and can more easily track the effects of your campaign on your actual sales.

What’s more, if you make a mistake, think of something you missed, or maybe you’ve changed your promotion or service offering, leaflets are easy to modify and update, with the new version able to go to print and letterboxes as soon as your proof has been signed off. This way you can keep your marketing communications fresh and exciting, updating them as frequently as you wish to advertise new products, services or promotions, in the safe knowledge that your turnaround times won’t be affected, and there will be no delay in getting your leaflets out to customers.

So there we have it, speed is the second benefit boasted by leaflet based marketing, and the second reason we think you’d be wise to consider it – with turnarounds like these, you could be putting leaflets in hands tomorrow, and welcoming new customers within days! What’s stopping you?

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