//Top tips for creating successful marketing material

Top tips for creating successful marketing material

Top tips for creating successful marketing material

All leaflets and promotional material should show your company and product at its very best, as you have one chance to impress.

Design is important, but content remains king, yet too many leaflets we see have very obvious errors or flaws in them.

Here, we give our 5 top tips for the things you should be checking your own material for.

All 5 apply to any kind of direct marketing and are easy to implement but fatal to ignore:

1) – Make sure your content details are both present and correct. Sounds too obvious to need to mention, right? Wrong. At least twice a year a customer delivers leaflets to us that have either the wrong contact details, or them missing entirely.  If you get this wrong you may as well not have bothered – if customers can’t contact you easily then they certainly won’t be buying from you. This leads neatly on to a related point – let’s call it 1.5 – make sure the phone number you use is monitored. Customers won’t keep trying endlessly, so make sure that every call is answered during business hours.

2) – A strong headline. You have a matter of seconds to grab the attention of someone perusing your material, so you need to draw them into your advert quickly and give them a reason to look further into what you are offering.

A quality headline can greatly increase your response rate by making it easy for a consumer to identify the benefit to them of your business or product to them.

3) – Keep it brief and don’t overload potential customers with information. Give the reader enough information to get them interested but leave them wanting to know more. If you go into too much detail early on, you can confuse rather than educate and end up driving a potential sale away. Selling the key benefits to them and then driving them to make contact is a more successful strategy.

4 – Use images rather than huge blocks of text to get your message across – pictures can say a thousand words, so one that sums up your offering to the recipient in a striking way has a great chance of catching the reader’s attention in that vital 5 seconds before it hits the bin.

5 – Avoid using percentage discounts as a sales tactic– customers have become more wary of these in recent years and suspicious that the original price was increased to cover the discount. Things like buy X and get Y free or spend £50 and get £10 off leaves a lot less ambiguity. Also making the offer time-sensitive will encourage the consumer to act now rather than in 6 months’ time through fear of missing out.

These are some of the quick and easy ways that you can improve the response rate from your direct marketing, but our experienced team have many other hints and tips.

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